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The Origin of Savemi Stables

Early 2019, I met up with an old colleague from my days working at THQ. The colleague knew I was passionate about Cryptocurrency and about gaming, Little did he know of my interest in horse racing as a sport (Im not much of a gambler.) He intorduced me to Zed.Run and I could immediately see its massive potential. Directly after the conversation, I logged into Metamask and bought our first horse, the unfortunately named “Banana Fluff”. I didnt really know what I was doing and was hoping to change the name further down the track, so to speak.

But hey, we are stuck with old “Fluffy” who is now breeding some high quality digital gallopers.
Savemi is our business brand – originally a video gaming marketplace, now digital marketing agency. This stable seemed to logically fit under the wider Savemi stable.
We are loving Zed.Run and urge you to get involved if you have not already.

See you on the digital race track,


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